Karat 2.0 lb Food Tray, Shepherd's Check (Red) - 1,000 pcs

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With an iconic checkered red and white pattern, the paper food trays come in a variety of sizes that are perfect for your favorite snacks, side dishes, or finger foods. The sturdy construction is coated with a food-safe gloss that is leak-resistant and acts as a grease barrier. The open top allows for sauces, condiments, and dips to be easily added to any food item. The trays come in 6 convenient sizes and can fit any of your serving or takeout needs from french fries, chicken tenders, and tacos to fresh fruits, pasta, and veggies.


  • Size: 2.0 lb
  • Color: Red & White
  • Available Colors: Kraft
  • Available Sizes: 0.5lb, 1.0lb, 2.5lb, 3.0lb, and 5.0lb
  • Units Sold By: Case 1,000 pcs (4 pcs per sleeve / 250 sleeve per case)

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