Karat Sanitizing Wet Wipes - Case of 12 packs

SKU JS-W3000

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Karat Sanitizing Wet Wipes kills 99.99% germs, viruses, and bacteria on any surface with killing action time of 30-60 secs.

  • Fragrance-free and Alcohol-free
  • With moisturizing aloe vera for better caring
  • Safe to use as a disinfectant on hard surfaces and works as skin and hand antiseptic
  • Can be used to sanitize a wide variety of critical care, non-food contact surfaces and PPE items

Karat Sanitizing Wet Wipes are great for personal hygiene. These wipes are safe for the skin and contain aloe vera with zero alcohol. Each wipe can kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles.The wipes come in a resealable package, making them convenient to store until you are ready to use them.

Unit sold by: Case (80 sheets x 12 packs)

*Please note we import our wipes from multiple qualified sources, packaging may slightly be different, but all product specifications match with the description we stated and meet the industry standard.

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