Karat Earth 9'' x 6'' Bagasse Hinged Containers, Natural - 200 pcs

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Karat Earth® Bagasse Hinged Containers is the perfect alternative to plastic #1-7! Take your food to-go without the environmental harm of plastic or foam!

  • Microwave safe
  • Compostable bagasse material
  • Ideal alternative to foam containers

These Karat Earth 9"x6" Bagasse Hinged Containers are dervied from natural sustainable materials. Bagasse is made from left over fibers from the extraction process of sugarcane. These bagasse hinged containers are microwave safe with a holding temperature of 212֯ F and will not emit any toxic fumes.


  • Size: 9" x 6"
  • Color: Natural
  • Units Sold By: Case 200 containers (50 pcs per sleeve / 4 sleeves per case)

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