Karat Earth 98mm PLA Dome lids for 12-24 PLA cup, Wide opening - 1,000 pcs


Sale price$47.00


Karat Earth PLA Dome Lid, the eco-friendly answer to elevated treats like whipped cream-topped beverages and frozen yogurt. Made from sustainable PLA material, this lid not only champions environmental awareness but also revolutionizes the way customers indulge in their favorite treats.

Karat Earth wide-opening lids showcase those delightful layers of whipped cream or frozen yogurt toppings, inviting customers to savor both the visual and flavorful experience. No longer will they need to remove lids before digging in, the wide opening allows easy access for spoons, enhancing the overall enjoyment.


  • Color: Clear
  • Material: PLA
  • Diameter: 98mm
  • Matching Cups: KE-KC12, KE-KC12G, KE-KC16, KE-KC16G, KE-KC20, KE-KC20G, KE-KC24, and KE-KC24G
  • Units Sold By: Case 1,000 lids (50 pcs per sleeve / 20 sleeves per case)

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